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About Us

Himalayan Eagles Travel & Adventure is formed in year of 2000 by Dhani Thakur. It is an adventure and travel company. Himalayan Eagles Travel & Adventure is a well recognized company by Government of Himachal Pradesh. Company is specialized in organizing Trekking, Jeep Safaris, Motorbike Tours, Mountain Biking, and Mountain Climbing Expeditions in the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal and Bhutan. The company offers a wide variety of treks to suit most types of visitor requirements as well as a wide range of cultural tours and other adventure activities and travel options. We have tailor-made programs which will meet your needs for travelling with us having a control on all aspects of trip organization to ensure that high standards are maintained. This personalized planning service, along with our friendly and professional well experienced and dedicated staff. We truly are the experts in what we do on the mountains. Our team being local residents of various parts of Himachal, Ladakh and Delhi, we know our place better than others. We want our customers to take good memories from here and tell the outer world. Is something else that we are missing? Help us find our drawbacks and help us make our services better. And top-notch equipment makes Himalayan Eagles among the best in the trade.

Himalayan Eagles Travel & Adventure Company is based in Manali, Himachal Pradesh India (North). Manali is a one of the best tourist destination in India. Manali is well known for their vibrant beauty and quite atmosphere, cool climate, scenic landscapes, deep forests, snow clad mountain and peaks. Manali is hub of tourists. Himachal is known as Valley of Gods.

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