Parang La Trek

One of our most popular trekking packages, this climb takes the traveler from Kaza over the 5412 m Parang La pass and into Ladakh. The route follows the traditional trade route between Ladakh and Spiti and there are some fantastic views from the high mountain source of the Pare Chu River. From Spiti’s steep gorges and stark desert environs, the landscape opens to become the high Tibetan plateau which makes up Ladakh. After days of trekking over the mountains, the journey ends at the breathtaking Tsomoriri Lake – truly a photographer’s paradise. Tsomoriri’s fantastic vistas, vivid colors’ and abundant bird and wildlife will leave you with the impression of reaching Shangri-la as the lake is truly something from the land of the gods.

Day 01:- Trek from Kibber to Dumla

The first day of your Parang La trek is all about getting the body and the mind ready for the challenges of the beautiful Himalayan wilderness that lies ahead. The trek from Kibber to Dumla is an easy walk, but do take your time, as the Spitian gorges are renowned for being hard-going.

 Day 02:- Trek from Dumla to Thaltak Meadow

On the second day of your Parang La trek, you will first descend from the gorge bed and ascend towards the Thaltak Meadow from Dumla. Alive with wild visions of deep gorges of Spiti River, Thaltak makes for a thrilling place to camp for the night.Even at this height, the temperatures could rise, thanks to the sun’s reflection, so put on those sun glasses because you might need them.

Day 03:- Trek from Thaltak to Jagtha to Bonrojen

On the third day of your Parang La trek, keep those nutrition bars in handy, because this is a long and strenuous day walking 8 km to Jagtha (15,700 ft.) and then 6 km to Bongrojen(17,000ft). That’s almost more than half of Mount Everest!

Day 04:- Trek from Bonrojen to Parang La to Dak Karzong

The fourth day of your Parang La trek, is the day of reckoning. Drink some chai, have freshly cooked continental breakfast, breathe in the early morning air and head out. You’re looking to reach your day’s destination in five hours.The final 4 km trek is a steep 2-hour climb to Parang La (18,300 ft). Bask in the view of the postcard-perfect Spiti and Changthang valleys from above. You’ll also be able to catch glimpses of your final destination, Ladakh, as you can see Parilungi, the first Ladakh peak from here. After spending some time here, you will descend to Pare Chu River. What follows are acres and acres of broad plains, until you reach DakKarzong, where you’re going to halt for the night.

 Day 05:- Trek from Dak Karzong to Datang Yongma

On the fifth day of your Parang La trek, it’s going to be a musical day. Remember all those songs that are fun to sing in groups? Well, now is the time to sing your heart out as you trudge along in an open valley with a well-marked trail.You’re going to walk along the left bank of the River Pare Chu, until you camp overnight at DatangYongma.

 Day 06:- Trek from Datang Yongma to Chumik Shilde

On the sixth day of your Parang La trek, more Himalayan beauty awaits. A lot of people think that trekking is just the process of getting to an end point, where the celebration lies.

But little do they know that the process itself is cathartic! Today, we follow the trail to Racholemo (14000 ft.) then NorbuSumdo (14400 ft.) and across to ChumikShilde, all of which make you want to celebrate nature like never before.

Start early, as the winds can be strong in the afternoons.

 Day 07:- Trek from Chumik Shilde to Tso Moriri

On the seventh day of your Parang La trek, you will chance upon the most stunning blue lake you’ve ever seen. Nothing spells wilderness like wild animals in their element! Not to worry, though.

The oval-shaped lake here breaks into several channels to create a vast wetland, the breeding ground of several rare species of birds. So if you’re a bird watcher, then this is your migratory haven!

Day 08:- Trek from Tso Moriri to Karzog

On the eight day of your Parang La trek, keep your cameras on your person, as the most memorable scenery you’re going to see in your lifetime is around the corner.

Brace yourself, because as you walk along Lake Tso Moriri, the view of LungserKangri, the highest accessible peak at 6666m in Ladakh is unbelievable. Few people in the world get a chance to see this magnificent site.

To top it all, you can visit the ancient monastery in Karzog, where the Changpas roam the pastures with their flocks of pashmina goats and still live in yak-skin yurts. This is where your Parang La trek ends.

 Day 9:- Option to take a private / shared taxi from Karzog to Leh

You can choose to book a private jeep that would be waiting for you at Karzog today and will drive you to Leh. Or you can choose to take a shared taxi to Leh on your own.

You can choose to explore Ladakh or take a car and get back to Manali / Srinagar or fly back to New Delhi. This would be an additional service and is not a part of this Spiti Valley trek.


  • Pick up & drop at Manali bus stand.
  • Pick up and drop from trekking point.
  • Vehicle–Tata sumo/Tempo traveller.
  • All meal except Breakfast in Manali, as mentioned in program.
  • Trekking guide.
  • Accommodation in tents on 3/4 sharing.
  • Sleeping bag & Mattress.
  • Dinning tent.
  • Toilet tent.
  • Filter water.
  • Only veg meal in entire trip.
  • First aid box.


  • Breakfast in Manali
  • Bus tickets
  • Personal expenses
  • Mineral water
  • Medical bill (in case of any accident)
  • GST 5%

Price On Request

08 Night – 09 Days
Locations: - Kaza, Kibber, Nurbo Sumdo, Kiangdom, Karzok and Tso Moriri

Grade: - Difficult

Physical Level: - Advance

Season: - August-September

Highest Altitude: - 5412 meter